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Technology Consulting

Going one step ahead!
Technical advising and technology consulting for chemistry and materials

Technology consulting services are services in which experts in a particular technical field provide technical advice/counsel. For example, they are intended to accelerate the introduction of new technologies or the development of new products.
We, EXELIM support you with concrete, one-step-ahead ideas and initiatives, utilizing the latest technology and skilled expertise. We are committed to being an important step forward in taking your technical capabilities to the next level.
The strength of our technical consulting approach stems from our foresight and flexible customization based on materials expertise rooted in our understanding of chemistry. At the outset of our assistance, we work with you to advance toward your goals, with a view to the next step, or the next next step after that. In addition to these, our strength are our flexibility and customization. We provide support tailored to your business environment and needs.

We value our partnership with our customers and want to build long-term relationships. We work together to help our clients gain innovative ideas and actionable plans and strategies to strengthen their competitiveness and to develop.

We provide specific and practical technical support
which is customized to your project
where and when you need it.

We value flexible support.
We provide optimal countermeasures and solutions depending on the customer's situation and requests.
We can accurately respond to customer issues and provide effective support.
For example, we provide flexible resources that match the scale and duration of the project.

Our flexible support takes into consideration your schedule and budget.
We communicate closely with our clients
to understand their goals and constraints and plan accordingly.
We can react quickly and flexibly
when necessary adjustments or changes occur.

We sincerely face our customers' issues and difficulties
and propose solutions using flexible thinking and creativity.

Field / Theme What we can support
Research & Development ・New product planning ・Chemical products ・Resin compounds ・Nanocomposites
・Plastic parts ・Resin materials ・Optical materials ・Nanoparticles ・Quantum Dots
Production technology ・Mass production ・Improve production efficiency ・Cost reduction
・Equipment (reaction, resin molding, vacuum, purification, piping)
・5S ・Safety measure
Quality control ・Defect countermeasures ・Quality control method planning ・Quality control system construction
・Quality standard documents
Growth strategy / Business planning ・Growth strategy planning ・Business plan planning ・Organization building
・Hands-on support for strategy implementation ・Hands-on support for management plan implementation
Overseas business support ・Overseas product development ・English documents ・English emails
・English conversation (telephone, discussion, negotiation, presentation)
Seminars ・Quality control ・Business accounting ・Business legal affairs ・Mental health
・Basic content of the above technology
Technical survey ・Competitive technology research ・Paper research ・Patent research
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Our Vision

For business that is friendly to people and the environment
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Technology Consulting

Technology consulting that materialize the future product
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Contract development that brings your vision to materialize with the power of chemistry
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