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Many companies want to develop their own products but do not know where and how to start. When you ask a major OEM to develop a product for you, they generally start with an interview, confirm the details of your request, and then give you an estimate, which may surprise you with its price. Especially for sole traders and small businesses, the challenge of developing their own products is a high hurdle to overcome.
For such companies, EXELIM provides contract development services for materials and chemical products. Although this is a contracted service, we will actually work with you as a partner in creating products together until you reach your goal. As experts in chemistry (reactions, chemical synthesis) and materials (polymers, nanomaterials), our strength lies in the development of basic materials and formulations.

In-house products developed with a lot of time, effort, and labor. Products developed by other companies. How should they be manufactured? Products that sell from the start are extremely rare, and even when they don't sell, outsourcing is extremely costly and a high hurdle to overcome. Even major OEMs have a statement that they can handle small lots, but in this case, "small lot" most likely means rather large quantity.
EXELIM offers contract manufacturing for such small to medium-sized companies. Our strength is that we can consistently handle all processes from development to (small-scale) manufacturing, including the above-mentioned contracted development. This is also suitable for test marketing of products that may or may not sell. Please contact us first.

  • STEP 1Contact
    First, please feel free to contact us by phone or inquiry.
    (We will never force our services on you.)
  • STEP 2Interview
    We will discuss details of your issues during an online meeting.
    (There is no charge until you sign a contract, so please feel free to contact us.)
  • STEP 3Proposal and Estimate
    Based on what we hear, we will suggest the best way to proceed, period, and goals.
  • STEP 4Contract
    If you accept our proposal and quotation, we will sign a contract that includes a confidentiality clause and begin our commissioned services.
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Contract development that brings your vision to materialize with the power of chemistry
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