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We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from our users.
We hope that by reading the following, we have clarified any questions you may have.
For more specific questions, please contact us using the inquiry form.

First of all, I would like to have a general discussion. Do you charge a consultation fee?
In principle, we accept inquiries and consultations free of charge. There is no charge until you are satisfied with the quote and sign a formal contract. Please rest assured that if there are any costs involved, we will notify you in advance.
Please tell us about the process leading up to the introduction of consulting.
If you are considering consulting, we will first discuss your issues and problems by phone or email. Then, we will conduct a detailed interview with a person who is familiar with solving the issues and problems and propose solutions. At this time, we will also present you with an estimate, so you can decide whether or not to implement consulting after considering the content of the proposal and the cost.
Can I consult with you by phone or online?
For pre-order inquiries and consultations, we are available by phone or email, but for detailed consultations, we ask that you do so through a web interview. Please feel free to contact us regarding inquiries from remote locations, as we will respond as flexibly as possible.
Will my company information be protected?
We will never divulge customer information or secrets that we have learned in the course of business. We will conclude a confidentiality agreement if necessary. Please rest assured.
Aren't consulting fees expensive?
Consulting fees are determined depending on the content of the consultation, but we can negotiate according to your budget. It may be that the effects of consulting are hard to see. However, considering the expected effects such as promotion of technological development, sound management, and cost reduction, we believe that this is not a wasted investment.
Is your consulting a packaged product?
Our consulting is not a packaged product. At our company, we provide proposals tailored to the needs of our customers while discussing with managers and personnel in charge.
What does consulting do?
We support the resolution of technical and management issues that are difficult to resolve within a company alone. We provide ways of thinking and ways of looking at things that are difficult to notice within a company, as well as know-how backed by our experience and track record, and bring out immediate and reliable results.
Do you dispatch instructors for training?
Our company conducts on-site seminars. It is also possible to hold seminars on general themes related to management and management. Please feel free to contact us for details.
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We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.
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