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LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) is a method for evaluating the environmental impact of products and services over their entire life cycle.
LCA analyzes a product or service by considering various environmental impact factors such as resource consumption, energy use, and emissions. This method is used to comprehensively evaluate the environmental impact of each stage of a product's lifecycle, including its design, manufacture, use, and disposal.

LCA is an important tool for evaluating the environmental performance of products and services.
Companies, governments, and research institutions use it to improve the sustainability of products and develop environmental policies. LCA not only provides environmental insights, but also plays an important role in developing strategies to achieve goals such as resource efficiency and waste reduction.

We have assisted our customers with LCA calculations that are developing new materials based on the general processes described below.

LCA is generally conducted with the following major steps:

Setting the purpose and scope: Clearly define the purpose and scope of the LCA. Determine the scope of products and services to be evaluated, system boundaries, evaluation metrics, etc.

Establishing lifecycle boundaries: Divide the lifecycle of your product or service into stages and identify the activities and processes at each stage.
Common classifications include raw material procurement, production, transportation, use, and disposal.

Inventory analysis: Collect data such as resource consumption and emissions emissions at each stage to create a lifecycle inventory of products and services.
This includes things like energy usage, amount of raw materials, and type and amount of emissions.

Environmental impact assessment: Use inventory data to assess various environmental impact factors.
This includes modeling and calculations to quantitatively assess impacts at each stage of the life cycle.

Evaluation: Interpret assessment results and identify environmental hotspots.
It also provides information to consider strategies for improvement and alternative options.

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